CHAPTER ONE - George W. Jenkins High School

CHAPTER ONE - George W. Jenkins High School

CHAPTER ELEVEN MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS Multimedia development requires a team and a development plan. Team members provide specialized knowledge of media creation. Plan defines the set of tasks and procedures needed for successful project development. 2 DEVELOPMENT TEAM

Team of experts is important for project. They produce high quality media. They contribute to the development of ideas in the project cycle. Development is both: Interactiveteam members share expertise and ideas during the development cycle. Iterativerevisions result from development feedback. 3 TEAM MEMBERS Project manager Responsible for delivering the product with promised features, on time, and on budget.

Oversees the business aspects of the development process. Must be organized, focused, and task oriented. Project designer Responsible for overall structure of content, the look, feel, and functionality of user interface. 4 TEAM MEMBERS Content expert Has detailed understanding of the topic. Some projects may rely on the client to provide content for project. Writers

Create original text for the project. Provide written requirements of the project such as documentation, contracts, help screens. Technical writing skills are useful. 5 MEDIA SPECIALISTS Responsible for preparation of individual elements in a multimedia application. Graphics specialist Artists skilled in design principles and most current digital technology. Sound specialist Trained in traditional sound production and has a

working knowledge of a sound studio. Familiar with digital tools for creating and editing sounds. 6 MEDIA SPECIALISTS Animation artist Understands the principles of composition and color and can produce drawings. Understands the elements of motion and can envision action sequences. Knows computer animation programs and techniques. Video specialist Videographers who have knowledge of film techniques, writing, sound, and digital video production and editing.

7 MEDIA SPECIALISTS Programmer Responsible for computer code that unites the media elements and provides the product's functionality. Acquisitions Specialist Knowledgeable about sources for copyright-protected content and process of securing permissions. Establishes agreements to protect the creative work of the project developers. 8

DEVELOPMENT PLAN Addresses three essential tasks: Definition Design Production. Development Development is is an an iterative process: iterative process: earlier earlier stages are

re-shaped stages are re-shaped as as development development progresses. progresses. Progress markers or rewards are identified at each stage. Deliverables are sent to the client as project takes shape. Payment schedules often tied to deliverables. 9 STAGE 1: DEFINITION Identify project goal or purpose.

What should the application accomplish? Identify the audience. Who are the intended users? Identify role of multimedia in this project. Advantages of multimedia to accomplish goal. Media elements it requires. Forms of interactivity to provide. Delivery method and cost estimate. 10

KEY DOCUMENTS IN STAGE 1 Preliminary Proposal Short description of the proposed application. Includes project goal, audience, outcomes, description of media, types and uses of interactivity, preliminary cost estimate. Often includes a flowchart. A simple box diagram with brief descriptions of product contents. 11 SAMPLE FLOWCHART

Created Created for for aa multimedia multimedia application application based based on on the the poem poem Fra Fra Lippo Lippo Lippi Lippi developed developed by by Savage Savage and

and Vogel. Vogel. 12 KEY DOCUMENTS IN STAGE 1 Storyboard Series of sketches of major screens. Rough drawings of media elements such as photos, animations, or videos are sketched in. Navigational aides are identified. Used to: Communicate with the client during the definition stage Communicate project goals and requirements to the development team.

13 SAMPLE STORYBOARD Storyboard Storyboard used used in in Fra Fra Lippo Lippo Lippi Lippi application application with with key key elements elements identified.

identified. Check the storyboard process for ToyStory. 14 KEY DOCUMENTS IN STAGE 1 Functional specification Detailed description of the elements and performance of multimedia project. Basis of a detailed business contract. Developer and client understanding of what has been promised and the procedures to follow if changes are made in specifications. 15

STAGE 2: DESIGN Purpose is to create an incomplete working model of the projectprototype. First media elements are created. Interface is designed. Elements are combined to create the prototype. Media Creation Required media identified in a content inventory list. Media preproduction, production, postproduction are carried out. 16 INTERFACE DESIGN User interface defines how user experiences

the content on the screen. Goal of interface design is to engage the user. Must support the project goals, match the expectations and abilities of audience. Should establish appropriate tone determined by style of media elements and controls. 17 INTERFACE DESIGN Features of user interface Intuitive. Immediately understood by the user. Common strategy is to use a metaphor. Consistent.

Common backgrounds and consistent location of user controls. Predictable and reliable. Similar actions should produce similar results. Identical actions produce identical results. 18 SAMPLE INTERFACE DESIGN One One navigation navigation interface interface for for the the multimedia

multimedia application, application, Exploring Exploring Fra Fra Lippo Lippo Lippi. Lippi. User User can randomly access segments of the poem by clicking

on a line number. Gray bar can randomly access segments of the poem by clicking on a line number. Gray bar provides provides visual visual feedback feedback on on their their progress progress through through the the poem.

poem. Other Other means means of of navigating navigating the the poem poem are are presented presented in in the the overall overall design. design. 19

PROTOTYPE An incomplete working model of the final product. Functions of prototype: Refine the definition of the product Test proposed features Guide further work of team members. Generally built in the authoring application that will produce final project. 20 PROTOTYPE (cont.) Used to test the product itself. Test proposals.

Test assumptions of definition and design stage. Test product to see if it performs as anticipated. Test navigation of product. Obtain internal and external product review. Guides subsequent work to complete the project. 21 SAMPLE PROTOTYPE Prototype Prototype created created in in Flash

Flash MX, MX, includes includes media, media, design, design, user user interface interface and and provides provides an an incomplete incomplete working working model model to to test test the

the product's product's functionality. functionality. 22 STAGE 3: PRODUCTION Remaining elements of product are created and integrated into the application. Includes quality assurance testing with bug reports and corrective measures. Alpha version: includes most media elements but also many "bugs." Beta version: includes all media but still has a few bugs. Gold master: complete, bug-free application. 23

STAGE 3: PRODUCTION (cont.) Completion of release notes, manuals, and packaging. Project materials are systematically archived. Archived files may resolve disputes between client and developers. Project may need revisions that use archived files. Copyrighted materials may be used in future projects. 24 WRAP UP Multimedia development is a team effort. Team members provide expertise in the varied disciplines needed to complete the project.

Process is interactive and iterative. Development plan guides the process to keep production on task and on time. Follows three major stages: Definition, Design, Production 25 KEY TERM CHECK UP 26

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