Introduction to Workflows with Taverna

Introduction to Workflows with Taverna

Tom Oinn, [email protected], 21st May 2007 Project homepage : myGrid project page : OMII-UK home : Albertos Taverna + EBI mini tutorial : averna Taverna is :

A workflow language based on a dataflow model. A graphical editing environment for that language. An invocation system to run instances of that language on data supplied by a user of the system. When you download it you get all this rolled into a single piece of desktop software The enactor can be run independently of the GUI Available services Workflow diagram Biomart

query Soaplab operation wrapping an EMBOSS tool Tree view of workflow structure Version 1.5.1 Shown running on a Mac but written in Java,

This meeting presents computationally accessible services. Taverna is designed to combine these (and other) services into workflows. Useful when you wish to use the output of a service as input to another one. Handles parallelism, threading, monitoring, service discovery... Taverna can interoperate the following by default :

SOAP based web services Provided by EBI and covered Biomart data warehouses in this Soaplab wrapped command line tools workshop BioMoby services and object constructors Inline interpreted scripting (Java based) Other service classes can be added through an extension point (but you probably dont need to)

Add service to services list by pointing Taverna to Web Service Description Language (WSDL) document online Taverna inspects WSDL, extracts operations Add operations to workflow, right click to automatically add document builders and splitters for doc/literal style services Document builders Service invocation (creates job)

Polling loop (check status, fail if not ready) Get results Use nested workflow to define polling logic, sub*SOAP is thefails, Simplewaits Objectand Access Protocol - & workflow Individual tool within category Soaplab server in services list

Soaplab services support rich descriptive metadata Soaplab services are added to the services palette by pointing Taverna at the root of the Soaplab installation. Individual services within that server are categorized and displayed within categories Services support polling and provide links to metadata directly within Taverna Service discovery Free text search over known services. Semantic search over service repository, relies on manual service annotation and submission of those annotations to the repository.

Provenance tracking Lineage tracking of result data. Automatic semantic annotation of data from service annotations. Possible as the workflow engine creates a managed environment with an overview of all data movement. Result visualization Common renderers included in base distribution include 3d structure, images, graph rendering Extensibility New service classes New renderer types New UI elements

Funded through the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII-UK) as part of the myGrid project run by Carole Goble Four years old, funding secured through 2008 and beyond. Development team at Manchester, UK Wide group of friends and allies across the world particularly within UK eScience Implemented in Java, released under LGPL

licence. Carole Goble, Norman Paton, Robert Stevens, Anil Wipat, David De Roure, Steve Pettifer OMII-UK Tom Oinn, Daniele Turi, Katy Wolstencroft, June Finch, Stuart Owen, David Withers, Stian Soiland, Franck Tanoh, Matthew Gamble Research Martin Szomszor, Duncan Hull, Jun Zhao, Pinar Alper, Antoon Goderis, Alastair Hampshire, Qiuwei Yu, Wang Kaixuan, Current contributors Matthew Pocock, James Marsh, Khalid Belhajjame, PsyGrid project, Bergen people, EMBRACE people User Advocates and their bosses Simon Pearce, Claire Jennings, Hannah Tipney, May Tassabehji, Andy Brass, Paul Fisher, Peter Li, Simon Hubbard, Tracy Craddock, Doug Kell

Past Contributors Matthew Addis, Nedim Alpdemir, Tim Carver, Rich Cawley, Neil Davis, Alvaro Fernandes, Justin Ferris, Robert Gaizaukaus, Kevin Glover, Chris Greenhalgh, Mark Greenwood, Yikun Guo, Ananth Krishna, Phillip Lord, Darren Marvin, Simon Miles, Luc Moreau, Arijit Mukherjee, Juri Papay, Savas Parastatidis, Milena Radenkovic, Stefan Rennick-Egglestone, Peter Rice, Martin Senger, Nick Sharman, Victor Tan, Paul Watson and Chris Wroe. Industrial Dennis Quan, Sean Martin, Michael Niemi (IBM), Chimatica, Funders EPSRC, Wellcome Trust OMII-UK, eScience All hands meeting

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