LSS Graduating Class 2018 - 2019 - YRDSB

LSS Graduating Class 2018 - 2019 - YRDSB

LSS Graduating Class 2018 - 2019 Agenda What to expect Before, During and After

the Ceremony Cap, gown, tickets and year book pick up Enjoy the Refreshments! Graduation Date Thursday June 27,

2019 Before the Ceremony Graduation

Requirements 30 Credits 40 Community Involvement Hours Successful Completion OSSLT Grad Package

Cap and Gown Invitation and TWO tickets Digital Grad Photo Download Code Yearbook * *If previously purchased through school cash online

Tickets Every graduating student will receive one invitation and TWO guest tickets Each guest must have a ticket to enter (1 guest = 1 ticket)

Additional Tickets Distribution of 1 addition ticket will begin tomorrow Thursday June 13 @ 7:30 am in the main office. Please line up outside the office.

Graduation Location Avani Event Centre 8400 Jane Street Concord, Ontario L4K 4L8 (Jane south of Langstaff)

Take into consideration traffic at this hour Information for Graduates Arrive at Avani Event Venue by 6:00 pm

(Follow signage for instructions) Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 pm Grad Ceremony - Attire Arrive wearing your cap and gown

Gown zipped up Tassel on the RIGHT until you receive your diploma then on the LEFT . choose your footwear wisely!

@ the venue Alpha-signs (A-L) (M-Z) will be posted for Name Card pick up which also includes a number Make sure you are in the proper order by verifying the number before and after you Your alpha-group (A-L) or (M-Z) will be assigned to

a Teacher Marshall Information for Guests Doors to the ceremony will open at 6pm Ceremony will begin at 7pm sharp! All guests MUST have a ticket

Refreshments provided after ceremony During the Ceremony Processional Order

Platform Party Graduates (A-L) (M-Z) Key Things to Remember The first 14 graduates in each alpha-group will

sit in the first row with either Ms. Fama or Mme Romero, each subsequent row will have 15 graduates If someone is missing do not save a spot for them, there will be seats for them at the back and their

name card will be in the lobby Order of Ceremony National Anthem Welcome and Introductions Diploma Distribution and Subject Awards(cross

stage) Valedictorian Speech Cap Toss Closing Remarks Crossing the Stage

Follow Teacher Marshall instructions - rows of students will be given directions when to line up Hand your name card to the Card Reader

Crossing the Stage Cross stage, stop, receive diploma, shake hands, turn and smile for photo Follow instructions regarding return route to your seat

Information for Guests Edge Imaging Photography Individual photos will be taken and be available online that evening

Parents/Guardians are to remain in their seats Langstaff Secondary School Commencement 2019 View and Order Photos Between:

9 July 2019 9 September 2019 Look up your Event & School Name at: (Graduation) Password: WSLP191GE After the Ceremony

Flicitations Bears! An opportunity to take pictures with family, friends and teachers

Refreshments in the Lobby Diploma Package OSSD Report Card Transcript

Composite Diploma Package Pick Up... You MUST personally pick up your Diploma Package

You have WORKED HARD for this moment. Enjoy the night!

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