THAT ONE SPECIAL SHOT CRITICAL DESIGN REVIEW Gregory LaFlash Patrick OLoughlin Zachary Snell Joshua Howell Hao Sun Kira Jones TOSS

CONTENTS Problem and Requirements

Design Alternatives System Description Design Outline Project Scheduling Test Plan and Demonstration Team Management Project Concerns TOSS PROBLEM BACKGROUND

At any large gathering - whether it be a wedding, convention, or sporting event, attendees will want to take and share photos. With the proliferation of smartphones, taking photos has never been easier. However sharing photos remains cumbersome. The task of sharing photos is cumbersome because one must gather contact information individually in order to retrieve photos. We propose a way to easily share photos via a crowdsourced photo database. TOSS

NEEDS STATEMENT There is a need for a system to allow for the convenient sharing of photos among attendees of an event. Conveniency is provided in the form of options for: Storage Privacy Security Price TOSS

GOAL We intend to create a system which will support a crowd-sourced photo database. This system will provide various means of storage, privacy, and security for no cost to the user. Our system will allow users, with a provided code and password for that event, to be able to upload a photo taken in real time during an event to one of the numerous databases our application will support and be able to retrieve all photos taken at that event.

TOSS REQUIREMENTS Our system must be able to function in real time, and support reasonable upload and download times of photos even during times of high usage. Our system must provide basic free service to users. The only cost of our system is the cost of the Virtual Server from NFOServers which is $52.45 for 6 months. This cost can be mitigated either through donations or advertisements.

Our system must be convenient to use, and be a better alternative than collecting photos manually. TOSS DESIGN ALTERNATIVES Stand-alone web application Lack of mobility and convenience for uploading photos. Stand-alone mobile application Lack of storage space and convenience for downloading photos.

System with both web and mobile applications Mobile Devices: Android iPhone TOSS SYSTEM LEVEL DESCRIPTION TOSS ANDROID APPLICATION

Android Application allows users to enter an event code and take a photo, the application then sends the photo to the Photo Service for processing. Implementation details: Android version 4.0 and above Spring API for performing REST calls SimpleXML for serializing app data ZXing Barcode scanner to read QR codes TOSS

PHOTO SERVICE Photo Service processes photos sent to it from Andorid application. Processing includes validating event codes, and stripping meta data. Sends photo information to API Abstraction Layer. Implementation details: Java, Jersey (REST), and Grizzly (Server) TOSS API ABSTRACTION LAYER

API Abstraction Layer responsible for any interaction with storage APIs (Dropbox, FTP, Photobucket, Facebook). Gets photo data from Photo Service to store photos into various storages. Also responsible for retrieving photos for Web Service. Implementation details: Java Sockets TOSS

WEB SERVICE Web Service is responsible for the Web Application, including user accounts, event generation, and photo viewing / downloading. Implementation details: Python Django Web Framework Nginx for content management Gunicorn for web engine Bootstrap, HTML, CSS TOSS

WEB SERVICE: ACCOUNTS WEB SERVICE: EVENTS DATABASE Database is responsible for storing all information concerning user accounts, user API access information, event

information as well as photo information. Implementation details: Mysql TOSS PROJECT SCHEDULING TOSS PROJECT SCHEDULING

TOSS PROJECT SCHEDULING TOSS PROJECT DEADLINES March 10th Basic Android Application Completion Basic Photo Service Completion

Basic API Abstraction Layer Completion Basic Web Service Completion Basic Branding Completion April 14th Extended Module Completion April 25 Testing Completion and Bug Fixes TOSS DESIGN VALIDATION PLAN Stress test connections between modules:

Android application and Photo Service (REST) Photo Service and API Abstraction Layer (Sockets) Photo Service and Database API Abstraction Layer and various APIs Web Service and Database Testing involves loading each connection with dummy data to see how much data each connection can handle without losing the integrity of the data. TOSS DESIGN DEMONSTRATION PLAN

Demonstration using a Local Event Our application can be tested and demonstrated during the AggieCon Convention (Josh is on the planning committee) to test how well our system handles itself under stress. Live Demonstration We will provide the class with an event code which they will use to capture photos, during the class we will have a slideshow running showing all incoming photos. TOSS

TEAM MANAGEMENT Gregory Project Lead Android Application Patrick Photo Service Joshua API Abstraction Layer TOSS

Zachary Web Service: Events, Photos Database Kira Web Service: Accounts, Photos Hao Website Branding

HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS Safety Concerns: Privacy concerns for event attendees. Allow for meta-data stripping of photos to conceal sensitive information. Possible safety impact on the event hosts storage service account. Allow for the banning of malicious users based on device ID, require password protected photo viewing. TOSS

SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND ETHICAL CONCERNS Social Concerns: Our service is intended to be a beneficial application to allow event attendees the ability to connect and share through photos. Event attendees already consent to having their photos taken as part of attending the event. TOSS

MANUFACTURABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND ECONOMICS Manufacturability: None Sustainability: The cost of the server can be sustained by donations or advertisements. APIs can change and needs to be kept up to date. Economics: Only cost is the server.

We could monetize the system with advertisements, or premium accounts. TOSS OVERVIEW

Problem and Requirements Design Alternatives System Description Design Outline Project Scheduling Test Plan and Demonstration Team Management Project Concerns


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