Clery Act & Campus Security Authority (CSA) Overview

Clery Act & Campus Security Authority (CSA) Overview

Clery Act & Campus Security Authority (CSA) Overview Mt. SAC Athletics 2017-18 Compliance Meeting Clery Act? Whats That?

Jeanne Clery was a 19 year old freshman at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. On April 5, 1986, she was murdered in her dormitory by a fellow student. Her family learned that the school had concealed 38 incidents of violent crime on campus the year prior to

Jeannes admission. No federal or state law existed which required postsecondary institutions to disclose the status of crime on campus In 1990, Congress enacted The Clery Act, that requires higher education institutions to report crime statistics to current & prospective students & employees.

But what does it have to do with us? Many crimes and incidents are not reported to the police. To ensure that students know about dangers on their campuses, the Clery Act requires institutions to gather and publish data for students and the general public. When required reporting group are called: - Campus Security Authority or CSAs By reporting the crimes that are reported to them, CSAs

help provide accurate crime statistics What makes me a Campus Security Authority? Law Identifies Four Categories 1. 2. 3. 4.

Campus Police Departments Individuals with Campus Security Responsibilities Individuals Designated by the Campus Officials with Significant Responsibility for Student and Campus Activities.

Deans/Provosts Directors of Athletics Coaches Several other examples

Responsibilities CSAs are required to: - Have knowledge of the Clery Act - Report crime occurring on campus Reporting CSAs are required, by law, to report incidences of crime brought

to their attention. They include the 9 Clery Crimes: Criminal homicide Sex offensesforcible & non-forcible Hate crimes Aggravated assault Robbery Burglary

Motor vehicle theft Arson Arrests & disciplinary referrals: - Violations of liquor, drug, & weapons laws How do I report? If you are informed of a Clery Crime by a victim witness: Keep them safe

Fill out the reporting form with the facts Contact the Campus Police with your location Wait with the victim/witness until Campus Police arrive Contact the Division Office Reporting You must report if it occurred: On campus

On public property adjacent to campus On non-campus property owned or controlled by the college or a recognized student organization Contracted facilities Do not report crimes, as a CSA, if: A person tells you about a crime that occurred before he/she enrolled in the school OR

While he/she was away from campus and not involved in a college sponsored activity - e.g., at home, on spring break etc. Mt. SAC POLICE DEPARTMENT 909-274-4555 CLERY COMPLIANCE OFFICER Deputy Chief Bob Wren - [email protected]


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