Science Fair Information Night - Socorro Independent School ...

Science Fair Information Night - Socorro Independent School ...

Science Fair Information Night What is the Purpose of a Problem Critical Science Fair? Solving Thinking Students use the scientific method

to make predictions, then experiment to collect and record qualitative and quantitative data observations. Students compare, contrast and analyze their data citing the evidence that

justifies their claims, explanations and conclusions. Science Fair Categories Physical Science - the science of matter and energy and their interactions Earth and Environmental Science - any of the sciences that deal with the earth and the study of the environment.

Life Science - any of the branches of natural science dealing with the structure and behavior of living organisms Engineering- Combines mathematics, science and technology in order to produce creative solutions to real world problems. Behavioral & Social Science - Systematic analysis and investigations of human and other animal behavior. What am I going to do? What is a good idea for my science project?

This is the first thing you start thinking about when you hear Science Fair. Before you get started, you need to know the difference between an experiment and a demonstration. Science Experiments vs. Demonstrations Experiment Demonstration An experiment tests at least 2 different

materials A demonstration does not test different materials Example: Examples : In which type of soil will a bean plant grow best?

Making a volcano Creating an electrical circuit What Does an Experiment Have? Variable The material that you change, or are testing, is your variable It is the ONLY

thing that varies or changes Constant(s) Everything else in the experiment needs to stay the same or constant This is important, so that you can make accurate

conclusions You can turn a demonstration in to an A demonstration experiment! If you wanted to create an electrical circuit,

you could change it into an experiment by turned into an experiment Testing different types of materials or metals for the electricity to flow through. Or you could test

different types of batteries. Trials All science experiments should be repeated at least 3 times in order to minimize the impact of mistakes and maximize the validity of the test. Each trial should be performed in exactly the same manner and compare the same independent variable.

Experimental Design Approval Forms All projects must be approved by the classroom teacher Experimental Design Approval forms will help keep the student on pace. Abstract Abstracts must be completed by all 4th and 5th grade students An abstract is a brief, written discussion of your project in 250 words or less.

Each abstract consists of a brief statement of the essential, or most important thoughts about the project. Abstracts summarize the main points of an experiment in a clear and simple manner. Abstract An example has been included in the Science Fair Information Packet Please use your Experimental Design Approval forms to

assist in completing your abstract. Science Board Examples How to Set Up Your Science Introduction Board? Project Title Results Problem Procedure

Materials Hypothesis Data (Graph or Chart Photos etc.) Conclusion Science Fair Topics Science Fair topics and

websites can be found on pg. 6 of the Science Fair Information Packet Science Buddies Page 7 of Science Fair Information Packet Science Fair Rules The use of live animals is discouraged but may be approved by the classroom teacher. An experiment may not cause

harm or result in the death of an animal. Your display board must be free standing and fit on the table. Please include the following ON THE BACK OF YOUR BOARD: Student name, teachers name, school, grade level and category. Science Fair Rules Only the student conducting the experiment may be shown in any

photographs. All others must have a signed photo release form. All photos or graphics must be cited or give credit to the photographer. (ex: Photo was taken by or Graphic/picture was found on Science Fair Rules All graphs or charts must be cited (ex. Graph was created byusing [program] Excel)

Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to bring any models or items used during their experiment to display in front of their boards The items on. pg. 7 of the Science Fair Information Packet MAY NOT BE DISPLAYED ON THE BOARD. What Are Judges Looking For? Page 8 of Science Fair Information Packet

Important Dates Projects due: October 16, 2017 Campus Science Fair: October 19, 2017 District Science Fair (1st place campus winners will advance) Campus Science Fair Coordinators Contact Information Ana C. Salazar 937-7421

[email protected]

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