St Thomas' Catholic Primary, ClaremontAnnual General Meeting ...

St Thomas' Catholic Primary, ClaremontAnnual General Meeting ...

St Thomas Catholic Primary, Claremont Annual General Meeting School Board and Parents & Friends Association 2018 not words but deeds Nano Nagle Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. Gathering Prayer Fr. Wayne Present Apologies Minutes of 2017 School Board and P&F AGM Board - Chairpersons Report - Treasurer's Report - Principals Report - Election of Board Members

P&F - Presidents Report - Treasurers Report - Nomination of Office Bearers Opening Prayer Fr. Wayne Minutes of 2017 Board AGM Minutes were read and accepted Moved: Seconded:

Board Chairpersons Report Presented by Mr Peter Gibbons St. Thomas Primary School AGM Chairpersons Report 20 November 2018 St Thomas School Board Overview School Boards primary responsibility: Strategy Financial management capital budget, fee setting, expenditure recommendations

Support to Principal and Senior Staff Culture setting and standards St Thomas School Board Overview Key Issue Finance Catholic Schools Funding Model Key Initiatives

Educational Outcomes School Marketing Initiative Cyber Safety Resilience Asbestos Audit Solar Panels The Future 2019 Plans New Assistant Principal Finance Management through to 2020 funding model Resource allocation to existing and new initiatives around educational outcomes

Marketing Initiatives The Future 2019 Plans Staff Development our staff are exceptional Continue the positive collaboration with the P&F for the benefit of our children and community. Promotion within the community and Church of the importance of Parish Schools Effectively communicate with and embrace our community at all levels primary beneficiary everyone's responsibility. Our Exceptional Staff EduDance

Surfing Robotics Swimming Training Year 6 Camp AQWA Sleepover Year 6 World Vision Backpack Challenge Sleepover Year 5/6 Cricket regional finals Perth Zoo Board Changes Thank you Cath Carroll Linda Foot Brad Howard

Carla Di Latte Thank You / Acknowledgements Fr Wayne and St Thomas Parish. Justin, Ryan, Nicky and the team for their educational and operational leadership. The wonderful teaching staff who nurture, educate and positively encourage each of the varied gifts our children have. Educational, personal and faith development. Julie and Lea in Administration / Front Office. They are an incredibly welcoming face for our community and make sure everything runs very smoothly.

Thank You / Acknowledgements Carla and the school P&F. The collaborative work between the Board and P&F continues to build our community and benefit our children. Special thanks also to Linda Foot who has done an incredible job as Treasurer. Lindas guidance and dedication has been instrumental in providing responsible and prudent financial management at St Thomas. Best wishes to parents, families and staff that are leaving the school. We have a wonderful community here with a continued opportunity to support each other, regardless of our roles, with the support, care and development of our beautiful children as our shared achievement. Year 6 Confirmation 2018

Treasurers Report Prepared and Presented by Linda Foot Presentation of 2019 budget ST. THOMAS PRIMARY SCHOOL AGM TREASURER REPORT 20 November 2018 2018 Forecast Result 2019 Budget 2019 Fee Schedule 17

18 19 20 Principal's Report Discipleship Catholic Identity Religious Education Parents as First Educators Faith Liturgies

Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment Community Outreach Principal's Report Learning Education for the Future Independent, life-long learners Engagement NQS E-Challenge EduDance, Performing Arts, Choir NAPLAN LOTE, Makerspace, Staffing

Principal's Report Engagement Our Community Safe environment See-Saw Parent workshops Mini-vinnies School Board P&F Principal's Report Accountability Stewardship Staff

Professional Development & Learning Principal's Report School Improvement - 2019 Strategic Plan Annual Improvement Plan Quality Catholic Schooling Tool Curriculum Plan Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019 Goals To ensure all staff demonstrate best practice in teaching and learning, whilst remaining cognisant of evolving educational practices and trends.

Support students on their journey to develop independent and lifelong learning skills. Promote, foster and embed a STEM approach to learning. Communication to be a strength of our school. Provide opportunities for our students to be engaged in contemporary issues to enhance their world view. Enhance Early Childhood Education to ensure National Quality Standards and the Quality Improvement Plan are attained. Create a physical environment that is well maintained, inviting and conducive to effective learning. Ensure the ongoing financial administration of the school continues to be conducted in a prudent and responsible manner.

To ensure that we demonstrate a consistent level of Christian Service by supporting the marginalised, both vulnerable and poor, within and beyond our community. Engage students, staff and parents in their own learning and faith formation. 2019 Annual School Improvement Plan Develop a Whole School Resilience and Wellbeing Plan - collaboration with staff and SDERA Develop an Aboriginal Education Plan - collaboration with staff and CEWA. Improve the teaching and learning of writing, incorporating spelling, and grammar and punctuation in a holistic approach, using Brightpath. All early years educators are to plan and create provocations for outdoor

learning based on student interest. To contribute to more sustainable practices by reducing the amount of mixed waste bins collected. Students will achieve 0.4 effect size growth in all 4 areas as tested by PAT Online Testing, including Writing as tested by Brightpath. Quality Catholic School Review & 2019 Curriculum Plan QCS: Wider Community Partnerships Effective Pedagogical Practices Curriculum Plan: Writing in Years 3 6 (Brightpath)

Spelling will continue to be an ongoing focus. 2019 Staffing Pre- Kindy: Mrs Kate Byrne Kindy: Mrs Karen Jones Pre-Primary:Miss Gemma Canalini Year One: Miss Nicola Ward Year Two: Mrs Sam Valentine / Mrs Val Dragon Year Three:

Mrs Nicky Sullivan / Mrs Lisa Keatch Year Four: Mrs Lisa Meyers / Mrs Lisa Keatch Year Five: Mrs Chelsea Hubbard Year Six: Mrs Lila Gibbs 2019 Staffing Teaching Assistants: PP TA ???? Mrs Virginia Gamble

Mrs Jeanette Koong Mrs Sue Vincent Specialist Teachers: Mrs Lisa Keatch (Science & E-challenge) Mrs Kate Byrne (Art) Mrs Cathy Cotton (Music) Mrs Sharon Seaman (Physical Education)

Mrs Ann Barry (Health) ??? (Library) 2019 Staffing Support Areas: Mrs Ann Barry (EMU & LLI) Mrs Virginia Gamble (Numeracy & Literacy) Admin Officers: Mrs Julie Wray Mrs Leanne Hancock (Bursar)

Vote of Thanks Father Wayne P&F Board Staff Students Election of Board Members: Retiring Board Members: Mr Brad Howard Mrs Cath Carroll Mrs Linda Foot Mrs Carla Di Latte

Nominating Board Members: Mrs Peter Lorbeer Mr Paul Indaimo Mrs Susan Swift Mr Felipe Valle Minutes of 2017 P&F AGM Minutes were read and accepted Moved: Seconded: Parents & Friends

Presidents Report: Mrs Carla Di Latte Treasurers Report: Mrs Belinda Hammond Nomination of Office Bearers Presidents Report Presented by Carla Di Latte Role of the P&F The P&F exists to strengthen the school community by bringing us all together with the goal of supporting students, families and the school itself to: Organise and support social activities designed to develop at the School a real sense of friendship, community and cooperation of parents, teachers and

students, which reflects our Catholic ethos. Raise funds and use these funds in ways that will enhance the School and facilitate better learning and social experiences for all students. Provide assistance to staff in respect of school activities as may be determined by the Principal. Work collaboratively with the Principal, the Board and the Parish to achieve common goals. Provide a healthy forum for ideas and discussions on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of children. Endeavour to have all parents enjoy the exciting experience of their childrens primary school years by active participation and personal involvement in school activities.

P&F Key Achievements and Events for 2018 Successful in introducing the levy which commenced from the beginning 2018, and has raised over $12,000 to date. Hosted Sundowner Bush Dance in February, a parents event that was enjoyed by all. Night on the Green in March. Assisted with financial support, volunteers and/or catering for school led events/ incursions: Shrove Tuesday, Easter celebrations, Harmony Day, St Thomas Feast Day, Mothers and Fathers Day morning teas, Edu Dance Concert. Organised Mothers Day and Fathers Day stalls.

Show parking undertook a joint venture with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA for 2018 (1 year contract), earning $4265 for the School and Parish. Undertook Art Show for 2018 Totally Sustainable, Totally Art, our major community event for the year. Over 260 people attended. Assisted with the organisation of School Disco on 9 November. Applied for and was awarded a grant by the Town Of Claremont to have funding of approximately $3500 to go towards our art mural. Saturday evening Parish masses continued with the support of the P&F providing sausage sizzles. Supported various parent workshops throughout the year, including Paul Litherlands Surf Online Safe presentation in

September and Building Resilience in Children by Claire Orange in November. Fathering Project committee formed to organise fun events for fathers/ kids with various catch ups organised throughout the year. Continued to support the school by providing canteen and uniform shop services. Provided various other financial support for the School as detailed below. P&F Expenditure 2018 Refer to Treasurers Report Bulk of expenditure for the year attributed to or earmarked for: Solar Panels

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Support Program and Books for classrooms Teachers Wish Lists Defibrillator for hall. Acknowledgements Our canteen coordinator Damira Relota, who took over the role for 2017 and 2018, and will continue to do so and has made a lot of our lives easier with the continuation of offering canteen services at 2 days per week . Uniform shop coordinator Nicola Lovejoy and her team who ran the shop successfully, with online purchases continuing to work well in addition to the various open days. Our class rep coordinator Simone Mason, who kept the lines of

communication effective and open between the P&F activities and the classrooms and parents. All of the class reps who undertook the roles for the year and organised social events for each year group, greatly contributing to community building at the classroom level. Ann Johnston our Parish rep kept the link between the parish and the School and facilitated our involvement in many parish events. Our PR Rep, Sheree OSullivan, ensured we were again in the local press throughout the year. Helen Martella undertook the secretarial duties and kept all the records and minutes of meetings perfectly. Belinda Hammond who continued to keep the books immaculate and ready to

pass on to the next Treasurer. Nat Bogoias who assisted me greatly in my role in many ways, not only taking charge of fundraising but in every facet of the work that P&F involves. Lyndal Gallagher who has provided support in every way over the last two years and has been more than a Vice President! Our Principal, Justin, who has led the way for us in the same manner he leads the School with great professionalism insight, care and consideration. Lastly thanks to all the parents who assisted in various ways throughout the year, whether it be in the canteen helping out at our many school events, helping to set up and clear away after our events, volunteering on our stalls, all those who helped out with the Art Show in any way and all those who donated items or spent on P&F throughout the year.

Future Direction: P&F for 2019 and beyond Most of the 2017/2018 team, including myself, is stepping down following 2 years in various roles. Seeking new committee members for 2019. As you can appreciate from the direction that the P&F has taken, a large amount of our funds are now generated from the levy which reduces the amount of effort and volunteering required of parents. Our role is naturally tending to shift towards collaborating and assisting with school led events, rather than having our own events, with the aim of casualising the formality of the committee roles. As such the onerous burdens which once existed of those volunteering on the P&F is now reduced.

We require a turnover of committee members to bring fresh ideas and different perspectives to the P&F activities. Treasurers Report Presented by Belinda Hammond St Thomas Primary School P&F Association Treasury Update 20 November 2018 St Thomas Primary School P&F Association Treasury Update for 2018

The numbers presented reflect the activities of the P&F during 2018 up to 19th November 2018 St Thomas Primary Scho ol Accounting is on a cash basis so only monies received and paid are recorded Books are audited each year by external party Parents & Friends Association

Treasurers Report 20th November 2018 Financial Position Total Cash Holdings as at 19th Nov 2018 ACCOUNT P&F Association Operating Account P&F Building / Maintenance Account Fixed Term Investment TOTAL BALANCES $20,905.79 $2,312.82

$28,000.00 $51,218.61 P&F Association Total for 2018 Total Expenditure = $74,277.65 Total Income = $75,728.08 Profit to date = $1,450.43 St Thomas Primary Scho ol Parents &

Friends Association Income Fundraising Events P&F Levy Canteen Show Parking Uniform Shop Art Show Dads Camp Out Mothers Day Stall & Morning Tea Father's Day Stall & Breakfast

Bank Interest Profit Made $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

12,100 5,092 2,845 1,356 1,675 1,133 1,116 673 86 St Thomas Primary Schoo l

Parents & Friends Association Online Canteen Sales 9000 8000 $7,626.00 $7,262.00 7000

$7,019.20 $6,752.30 6000 $5,256.00 5000 St Thomas Primary Scho ol $4,863.40 4000

3000 2000 1000 0 Quantity Net profit 2016 Sales 2017 Sales 2018 Sales

Parents & Friends Association Expenditure Activity Solar Panels Levelled Literacy Program Reading Books Teacher's Wish List Faction Hats - Children Faction T-shrts -Teachers Sundowner Internet Awareness Course

Building Resilence Course Yr 6 Leavers Shirts School Events (Edudance, Leaders Lunch) St Thomas Feast Day Mass Sausage Sizzle Disco Cost $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 16,640 4,540 4,000 1,951

194 1,073 1,047 585 796 426 309 308 83 Teachers Wish List St Thomas

Book Display Table Donation to Mini Vinnies Beebot Coding Mat Outdoor Toys Decodable Home Reading Set Soft Landing Gym Mat Easels Primary Schoo l Parents & Friends Association

Outstanding Transactions Income Due Show Parking Amount $2,845 Uniform Shop Sales $3,000 Canteen Sales

TOTAL Income Due $2,400 $8,245 Expenditure Due Amount Defibrillator Literacy Program $2,845

$4,540 $3,000 Invoices yet to be paid in 2018 TOTAL Expenditure Due $10,385 Estimated balance of combined accounts after commitments received and paid is $49,079 ACCOUNT P&F Association Operating Account

BALANCES P&F Building / Maintenance Account $18,766.00 $2,312.82 Fixed Term Investment $28,000.00 TOTAL

$49,078.61 P&F Reimbursements Reimbursements can now be done via Direct Transfer to your nominated bank account. Form is available from the St Thomas Website if required or copies located in the School Office. St Thomas

Primary Schoo l Parents & Friends Association Nomination of Office Bearers President Vice President Tresurer Secretary P&F Parent Rep Fundraising Co-Ordinator

Media Liason Co-Ordinator Uniform Shop Committee Conclusion Thank you for attending the Annual General Meeting.

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